Mini-rbt sign (dia 611.1 in UK)

Mini-roundabouts - Getting them Right!
by Clive Sawers MA MICE CEng,
Traffic Engineering Consultant

The definitive guide to site selection, design, installation and operation of mini- and small roundabouts.

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Clive the author and wife Ann
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Getting them right!

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The book contains sound advice on site selection, layout details, with a special section on T-junctions and cross-roads, a simple capacity test and much guidance on features of design that contribute to safety. Safety is an integral theme throughout.
This is still the only comprehensive design guide for mini-roundabouts that has been published and it has proved popular with over 800 copies sold in the UK and abroad since publication in October 1996, with many repeat orders . In view of the previous lack of design information, Mini-roundabouts - Getting them right! is essential reading for all engineers, designers and safety auditors practising in this field, and important too for planners and town centre designers. Highway design engineers will also gain much useful information concerning layouts and profiles.

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The Mini-roundabout Seminar

Comprehensive seminar/workshops IN-HOUSE on all aspects of the design, use and installation of mini-roundabouts developed over the last several years, which can be tailored to meet your needs.

Optional assessment of your problem sites can be appended as an additional half day to the seminar.

Team up with the Traffic Calming seminar (started in 2000)
and have a double bill!

The seminars have been very popular.
For more information see the
Seminar details page.

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Traffic Calming pages

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Help required please on Research Projects
Crossroads probably in urban areas and therefore subject to a 30mph speed limit, where there is either an existing mini-roundabout which could be enlarged or where a new mini-roundabout could be installed which would be over 4m diameter to test the effectiveness of using the larger size. The current official maximum size of 4m (UK) has reduced the use of mini-roundabouts at crossroads - some authorities will no longer install them.

In Germany these larger mini-roundabouts have an excellent safety record
(better than compact normal roundabouts).

H-humps Although there are some of these (Hounslow and Belfast), they are far too few to test properly. Their potential may be enormous.

If you have or know of any such sites
please contact me

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